The Tokyo Yakult Swallows were originally established as the Kokutetsu Swallows in 1950. The club was renamed as the Sankei Atoms when the ownership was sold to Sankei Newspaper in 1965.

The team brought back the original name after being sold to a food and beverage company Yakult and claimed the first Japan Series title in 1978. The Yakult Swallows won four Central League pennants and three Japan Series championships in 1990fs. They earned another Japan Series title in 2001.

The Swallows made history on June 14, 2009 by hitting 11 base-hits in consecutive at-bats. The record was certificated by Guiness World Record.

In 2014, Yakult is aim to win the first championship in 13 years--with the slogan "SPIRIT OF CHALLENGE"

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yMeiji Jingu Stadiumz
Meiji Jingu Stadium is a part of the huge sports complex including rugby and soccer stadiums. It opened for Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League in 1926, ten years before the first professional baseball game was played in Japan.

The stadium has been the home field of the Swallows since 1964 season. Still, University games are still being held there. In its history, Jingu has hosted 5 Japan Series and 13 All-Star games. Now itfs waiting for the first Japan Series since 2001.
By Subway
ETokyo Metro Ginza LineiG03) Gaiemmae Station: 5 minutes walk from Exit 3
EToei Subway Oedo LineiE25) Kokuritsu-Kyogijo Station: 12-13 minutes walk from Exit A2

By Train
EJR Shinanomachi StationF12-13 minutes walk from Exit
EJR Sendagaya StationF15 minutes walk from Exit

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yWelcome Ticketz
gWelcome Ticketh is a set of baseball game ticket at the Meiji Jingu Stadium and Meiji Jingu Shrine visit tour with English speaking tour guides.
Meiji Jingu is one of the Japanese representative tourist spot. The English speaking tour guides will show you how to visit Meiji Jingu Shrine and experience the Pray Ceremony (traditional ritual dance and music).
As for the gWelcome Ticketh specials, Meiji Jingu post card & brochure, Swallows Original cheering umbrella, folding fan and after the game field tour are included.
This is a great chance to enjoy both Japanese culture and professional baseball game at the same time!
Meiji Jingu Shrine Tour by NPO Hibiki
Details of the gWelcome Ticketh
Game Date:
September 23rd (Tuesday) 13:00VS. Hiroshima Toyo Carp
Seat Area:
First base (Swallows side) infield reserved seat A
(1) Meiji Jingu shrine tour in English
(2) Meiji Jingu postcard and brochure
(3) Swallows original cheering umbrella
(4) Swallows original folding fan
(5) After the game field tour
Limited to 100 tickets for foreign nationalities
How to Order Tickets
Contact [Across No.1 Travel] and ask for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows gWelcome Ticketh.
Applicable languages:
English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Spanish, Bengali and Thai
Phone number:
4F Equinia Shinjuku Bldg., 1-1-17 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021
Business hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:30^Sat: 11:00-18:00^SunEHoliday: Close
Meeting place
Registration Desk at an open space of the Meiji Jingu
(1 minute walk from Harajuku Station JR Yamanote Line, Meiji-Jingumae Station Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line/ Fukutoshin Line)

9:00Meeting up at the Registration Desk
9:00-10:00Meiji Jingu Shrine visit tour
10:00-10:30Prayer Ceremony (Traditional ritual dance and music)
10:30-11:00Visit Souvenir ShopETour ends
11:00-13:00Move to the Meiji Jingu Stadium on your own(Transportation brochure will be given)
13:00-Baseball game at Meiji Jingu Stadium
After the gameField tour
Ticket payment
Payment can be made at the Registration Desk on the day.
Baseball ticket, Swallows original cheering umbrella and Swallows original folding fan are given at the same time.
We may take photos of the event and put them on the advertising / official website.
Please be aware that the weather can be unpredictable and events do have to be cancelled due to bad weather.

(Meiji Jingu Shrine visit tour)
The tour is held in English only.
Please bring a pair of socks for the Prayer Ceremony.
There is a dress code to attend the Prayer Ceremony. We may have to ask you not to attend the ceremony if you are wearing shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts.
The transportation from the Meiji Jingu Shrine to the Meiji Jingu Stadium is not included in the tour. Transportation fare is at your own expense.

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)
Seat assignment cannot be made.
High heels are not allowed on the field.
Please note that the field tour is subject to change without notice.
300 fireworks go off at the end of 5th inning!
July 21st-August 21st,September 5th-7th(18 games)
y350 yen Draft Beer Nightz
Draft beer normally sold at 750 is offered for 350, less than half the usual price!
350 yen Draft Beer Night is going to be held on following games.
Game Date:
July 23rd (Wednesday) 18:00VS. Hiroshima Toyo Carp
August 1st (Friday) 18:00VS. Chunichi Dragons
September 5th (Friday) 18:00VS. Yomiuri Giants
yg hiENjpowerment (empowerment) uniform give away gamesz
g g (EN) powerment (empowerment) uniform will be given away to those who have the designated area tickets on following games at the Jingu Stadium.
Game Date:
July 12th (Saturday) 18:00VS. Yokohama DeNA Baystars
July 21st (Monday/Public holiday) 17:00VS. Hiroshima Toyo Carp
August 7th (Thursday) 18:00VS. Hanshin Tigers
September 7th (Sunday) 18:00VS. Yomiuri Giants
Uniform give away ticket area
First base (Swallows side) infield reserved seat S
First base (Swallows side) infield reserved seat A
Second floor reserved seat A
First base (Swallows side) infield reserved seat B
Second floor reserved seat B
Right (Swallows side) outfield reserved seat
Right (Swallows side) outfield non-reserved seat
Third base/Left outfield tickets are exempt from the uniform give away.
About the g h (EN) powerment (empowerment) uniform
iENjmeans gSwallowh in Japanese.
The green color represents the meaning of gSPIRITEDh which is relevant to the 2014 team slogan gSPIRIT OF CHALLENGEh.

Uniforms are given away only at the Jingu Stadium on the designated game day.
Only one size is provided.

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You may purchase the Swallows tickets in multiple ways.
yIn Non Japanese languagesz
For purchasing Swallows tickets, please ask in different languages at Across No.1 Travel !

gGreat deal for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows side!h
Purchase the first base side infield reserved seat ticket and you get an original small umbrella!

Applicable languages
English,Chinese,Taiwanese,Korean,Spanish,Bengali,Thai and Japanese


EMon-Fri: 10:00-18:30^Sat: 11:00-18:00^SunEHoliday: Close

E4F. Equinia Shinjuku Bldg.,1-1-17 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, TOKYO 160-0021

EAcross No.1 Travel

yIn Japanesez
Convenience store
Circle K Sunkus FamilyMart LAWSON Seven-Eleven

Online store
Swallows Ticket Ticket PIA LAWSON Ticket eplus
Ticket window at the Jingu Stadium
EGame day:
Gate 9 Ticket Box: 11:00-20min after the end of game.
Gate 17 Ticket Box: 15:00-End of the game
Front Gate Ticket Box: 16:00-End of the game

ENon game day:
Gate 9 Ticket Box: 11:00-17:00
Ticket Price
Reserved seat S4,600
Reserved seat A3,700
(4,000 vs Yomiuri or Hanshin)
Reserved seat B2,700
(3,200 vs Yomiuri or Hanshin)
Outfield Reserved seat2,000
Outfield Non-Reserved seat1,600
Ticket On-Sale Dates
April Games5th of March
May Games5th of April
June Games5th of May
July Games5th of June
August Games5th of July
September Games5th of August

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2015 Schedule will be up soon!

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Online store
ETokyo Yakult Swallows Official Online Shop
EOnline Select Shop
EGAORA online shop
The Official Goods Shop Tsubakurou Store
Newly opened from the 21st July 2014!


View Larger Map

ENight game: 10:30-an hour after the end of the game
EDay game: 10:30-an hour after the end of the game
ENon-game day: 10:30-17:30
@When the game is rained out before 16:30: 10:30-17:30
@When the game is rained out after 16:30: 10:30-an hour after the game was rained out
Opening hours may changes without any notices

E2-2 Kasumigaoka-Machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0013

The Official Goods Shop on the Stadium Street
Newly opened from the 25th May 2014!


View Larger Map

ENight game: 10:30-an hour after the end of the game
EDay game: 10:30-an hour after the end of the game
ENon-game day: 10:30-17:30
@When the game is rained out before 16:30: 10:30-17:30
@When the game is rained out after 16:30: 10:30-an hour after the game was rained out
Opening hours may changes without any notices

1F WEEZ Kita-aoyama Bldg. 2-7-29 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

The Official Goods Shop at the Jingu Stadium

Enext to the Gate 6.

EGame day only: Gate opening time-30 minutes after the end of the game
Opening hours may changes without any notices

E3-1 Kasumigaoka-Machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0013

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Tony Barnette
A Good looking right-hander was selected by the Diamondbacks in the 2006 draft and spent four seasons in the Minor Leagues.In the second season with the Swallows, he established himself as a premier set-up man after being used as a starter in 2010.
Wladimir Balentien
Balentien was born in Curacao, Netherland Antilles. He played with Ichiro as a Seattle Mariner from 2007 to 2009.In the first season as a Swallow, he hit .397 with seven homers in May to win the Central League monthly MVP award.
Lastings Milledge
In 2003, Milledge made his major league debut at the 12th pick of the first draft round to the New York Mets.During the 6 years of his career in MLB, he played in 433 games with 404 hits and 33 home runs.Milledge plays as the leadoff hitter as well as the third and the fifth batter in Tokyo Yakult Swallows. He takes an active part in the team as a five tool player
Yuichi Matsumoto
Yuichi, one of the most successful Japanese-Brazilian baseball players in NPB history, became a Japanese citizen in 2004.His clutch hitting makes him a No.1 pinch-hitter of the Swallows while playing outfield occasionally.
Masanori Ishikawa
Despite his 5f6ff height, Ishikawa has been an ace of the Swallows with his superb control and finesse pitching.He has won 10 or more games eight times in his career and picked up his 100th career victory on May 14, 2011.
Akinori Iwamura
In 2004, he marked 44 home runs as a slugger in the team. He started playing in the MLB from 2007 for the next 4 years. In 2008, he played in the World Series as one of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays player.
yPlayer's Messagez
Tony Barnette
Wladimir Balentien

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The Tokyo Yakult Swallows are a well-balanced ballclub with outstanding veteran players and brilliant young talents, while the manager has known the players since they were in the farm system.

But who is the most popular figure in the Swallows? That would be Tsubakurou, an official mascot of the club since 1994. The fatty male swallow has a younger sister named Tsubami, who considers herself as a sexy swallow. Therefs another mascot, Torcuya, a masked wrestler swallow from Mexico who has the OEMOETEENAESHI spirit.
yStadium DJz
Patrick Yu
Born in Tokyo, grew up in Kobe.
He can speak both Japanese and English.

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